To keep travelers safe, keep them informed

As we get back to face-to-face connections, travelers must have current and readily available information to help identify business-critical trips, plan their steps, and feel confident about their health, safety and wellbeing.

Information can help protect your travelers

When asked what type of information they’d like to receive as travel resumes, travelers rated three items as critical: latest flight/hotel safety information, clear guidelines on travel requirements, and regular notifications on changes in travel policy.*

Fortunately, technology tools have simplified and streamlined traveler communications, creating ways for companies to easily provide relevant, timely information that can keep travelers safe. Leverage those technologies to quickly reach travelers across multiple channels and devices. A digital strategy allows you to provide timely and relevant updates on what matters most at the right times in the planning and trip cycle.

*Source: BCD survey of 97 travel managers, September 2020.

Guide travelers with Traveler Engagement campaigns

When business travelers don’t have the travel policy information they need to make good purchase decisions, travel programs, supplier deals and traveler wellbeing all may be affected. Use Traveler Engagement to influence behavior and increase satisfaction. Digital retail marketing tactics have proven successful in guiding travelers to smart, economical travel purchases. Merchandising helps program achieve a variety of goals – from shifting share between suppliers to promoting the most carbon-efficient travel options.

The more we understand about how travelers think and make decisions, the better we can influence their booking behavior to support your travel program and organization.

TripSource® helps prepare travelers for journeys

Travelers receive push notifications and messages in their trip timeline, with links to the COVID-19 Info Hub for real-time information on specific airlines, airports and international destinations. TripSource also offers Document Vault to upload and organize travel documents (QR-codes, DOCs, PDFs such as PCR test results)

Spread the word

Leverage various channels to share information at relevant times in the planning and trip cycle.

Corporate intranet

Travel should take a prominent position on the corporate intranet. Make it easy for employees to find travel information. Review your travel content and site navigation. Reference essential apps and trusted resources to ensure travelers stay up to date when they’re on the road and include videos and marketing pieces to manage overall behavior.

Mobile app

Mobile is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach travelers. Use it to enable safety notifications, schedule policy messages and provide access to emergency numbers and security guidelines. Encourage the use of apps from safety and security partners such as International SOS and BCD Travel’s TripSource®.

Traveler touchpoints

Make sure relevant communications are in place throughout the traveler journey.


  • Clear definition of essential travel
  • New trip approval processes
  • Destination risk level information
  • Policy communications


  • Policy guidance
  • Supplier recommendations
  • Health and safety reminders
  • Access to advisors


  • Policy expense guidance (test/vaccinations)
  • Health-related destination requirements
  • Supplier requirements
  • Mobile travel tools


  • Access to real-time trip changes
  • In route policy notifications
  • Emergency response tools and resources
  • Traveler feedback prompts


  • Changes to trip itinerary
  • Home destination requirements
  • Office health and safety protocol

Case Study

COVID-19 Information Hub provides travelers with real-time data

BCD Travel self-service resource gives travelers the confidence they need to get back on the road.

What you can do

Traveler communication checklist

What BCD Travel is doing

Real-time information on COVID-19 travel restrictions, available at country level and in multiple languages

Offering a platform for policy updates, risk alerts and emergency check in

Driving program engagement

Use marketing techniques to influence behavior and increase traveler satisfaction

Meeting face-to-face not only remains a critical component to achieving company goals, it’s also essential to satisfying businesses’ need for efficiency and human interaction. In a post-pandemic environment, corporations need to continue giving guidance. In order to remain an attractive employer in this fast-developing environment, they should also consider empowering employees to make their own travel decisions.

—Mike Janssen

Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer, BCD Travel

Spend management

How to review supplier partnerships, use data, and shift travel programs

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